JUST-TIIS Pilipinas Heroes, Monsters and Puppet-Masters | Rommel V. Carrera | PinoySciFi


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What does it take to be a real superhero?
Is having superpowers, based on your troublesome traits (Chismosa, Plastik, Naughty Pranks), enough to call yourself a superhero?
Are monsters born or created? Should they be saved or destroyed?
Follow Josh, Maritess, David, Cho and Allan as they learn to use their newfound powers, to battle Philippine mythical monsters like Tikbalang, Manananggal, and Berbalang, to prevent a multi-dimensional genocidal war. Immerse in their experiences with an accompanying musical score to highlight key emotional moments.
And find out how one can be a true superhero.

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Dimensions 10 × 2 × 20 cm


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