Handuman: Remembrance, Digging for Indigenous Wellspring | Karl Gaspar


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John Harvey D. Gamas of Ateneo de Davao University says “Brother Karl Gaspar’s “Handumanan: Digging for the Indigenous Wellspring” could not have been more opportune. This book comprehensively revisits the history and legacy of Christianity carried on the wings of Iberian Imperialism to what eventually became the Philippines. At the heart of Brother Karl’s historico-anthropological and theological analysis is the marginalized indigenous peoples. Our Church and our country’s future rest in the authentic inculturation of indigenous peoples, their ways of life, and their worldviews. Brother Karl argues that this inculturation is the key to address colonial injustices deeply ingrained in our current social structure.”

Ms. Rhoda G. Campillan, Academic Supervisor of University of San Agustin notes “In the case of the indigenous people, it is interesting to find out how communication became a tool, if at all, to protect their indigenous belief system during the process of proselytization. It is also interesting to study the lived experiences of the IPs highlighting their current realities. These are just a few of the many topics that this “heartwork” could provide and I am truly thankful to Bro. Karl for producing such potent material.”

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