From Rock Bottom to Becoming a Warrior – A Journey to Healing and Recovery| Novie Ada B. Urbis | Good Street


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In a world where we struggle to keep ourselves sane amidst all the inevitable hardships and challenges in life, this book “From Rock Bottom to Becoming a Warrior” presents insights into how I personally dealt with my struggles, issues, and overthinking. As the journey of healing and recovery is presented in the book, it recommends how we could possibly pull ourselves from the pitfall where we have been stuck and where we reached rock bottom. The narrative starts with the outset of my battle with Epilepsy, specifically Complex Partial Seizure (CPS). The book discusses how CPS affected my confidence, how I developed trust issues, and how I poorly dealt with things. It presents a transition from experiencing rock bottom to becoming a warrior by focusing the discussions on standing up after the lowest moments. The book continues to show insights into how I have embraced the journey. It also focuses on how l have learned to practice dealing with issues and random things better. With my discussions, I claim that we could actually learn to identify our thought patterns, discover ourselves, and try to improve the way we deal with things to have a better life.

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