FOUR WALLS | Thricia | Mystery and Thriller


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FOUR WALLS | Thricia | Mystery and Thriller

Being brought up one way and trying to see the other way is difficult; that is the life of a police officer, trying to save every people around. After the heinous crime that shocked the entire team of the Detective Special Operation Unit (DSOU) – Violent Crimes Division in the Manila Police Department, where many lives of their colleagues have taken while doing their duty. Some were about to face death, as well. With the lead of the Chief of Investigation Unit, PCOL Steve Rusell, Detective Kye Morton, and his team will meet a life-threatening case that will expose them to the well-known Quezon Province incident they have not been resolved in the past.

Did the police force really make mistakes and fail before? Is this the chance for them to catch the culprit and stop the killings? Or will they let the killer rewrite the history the second time around?


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