Engkwentro by H. Bentham, KC Cimafranca, Loid Valenzuela, Cindy Dela Cruz, Johanna Lee




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There’s something special about Padua . . .

All Lisa wants is to get into Padua University. What she didn’t expect is fighting aswangs while trying not to fail her subjects.

Amir, a Muslim, is conflicted with his attraction to Ashton because of his conservative upbringing. There’s another problem – Ashton is not what Amir thinks he is.

Ria has a secret rendezvous with her best friend every dawn. But things start to get complicated when she realizes she is falling in love with Hiwaga, the Kapre who lives in the campus’ banyan tree.

Tim has been hearing strange voices, leading him to discover Michael’s secret – the two had a falling out two summers ago. When something sinister befalls Tim’s new best friend, they have to put the past behind and work together to fight evil.

A tikbalang chooses Elora Caylao to be his bride. She has been given three months to prepare herself to join him in his world. How can she even prepare herself to be the wife of a creature she greatly fears?

Here, five short stories will make your heart beat faster in fear and in love.



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