Embracing Regrets | Laong Laan | Meditative Poetry


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Embracing Regrets | Laong Laan | Meditative Poetry
The past and the future are both hallucinations. These are not true anymore. These two are not part of who we are in the present. But these two haunt us so much, especially in the past. They could’ve, should’ve been. We worry so much about it that it influences how we think and act in the present. But the truth is, the present moment is the only thing that is true and what we have.
The book Embracing Regrets will help us embrace our true selves. Embrace our past, embrace the fact that the future is yet to happen, and bring life to the present moment. Embracing Regrets unfolds the beauty of acceptance. Acceptance of who we were, acceptance of what we have done in the past. So that it won’t haunt us every single day.
The book takes you back to your why. Your real purpose in life. The ways in which you discovered your reason for existence. It will bring you back to your past, but only to teach you to embrace it, no matter how beautiful or ugly it is. In the end, the book will lead you to acceptance of oneself, loving oneself, making life decisions, and moving forward.
We only have the now.
We only live until bedtime.
So why worry?

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