Dance in the Dark | Shirley Siaton | Poetry


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The dust, too, shall tire and fall

And I will find the light

Streaming—first in puddles, then in waves—

into my path.

Alone once more, I face

The beginning.

Alone once more, I know

There really is no end.


Poetry in the dead of night

Author Shirley Siaton invites the reader to dance with her to the myriad rhythms of life, in the transcendental hours of darkness, in her poetry collection, ‘Dance in the Dark.’

Featuring verses on tribulation, emergence and redemption, this poetry collection came into being after one too many jaunts and musings in the dead of night. Experience a distinctive, unfiltered view through the eyes of a woman raised and reared in the unforgiving cities of the Philippines, as she journeys through a world of greed, poverty, crime and despair with determination and hope.

Scathed, imperfect and honest to the core, ‘Dance in the Dark’ is a celebration of a woman’s infallible heart and the indomitable human spirit.

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