Cebuano Eskrima Beyond the Myth | Ned R. Nepangue, Celestino C. Macachor | Edited by Paul J. Taneo


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Cebuano Eskrima: Beyond the Myth unravels with compelling and provocative hypotheses on the Hispanic origins of the Filipino Martial Arts known as eskrima, arnis and estokada.

The last vestiges of the extinct European medieval fencing could be found indirectly linked to Filipino eskrima.

The authors present prima facie evidence on the fraud of the supposedly precursor art called Kali.

A more plausible theory on the origins of eskrima are presented in starting detail from its early beginnings as a defense against Moro pirates and slave traders and its later fusion with Spanish fencing through the Jesuit warrior priests during the pivotal years 1635 – 1644, and the height of Spanish rapier fencing in Europe during the Renaissance.


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