Beyond the Tears | Queenie Andersen | Non-fiction


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Beyond the Tears | Queenie Andersen | Non-fiction

How do you get on with life after the death of your husband? Is there really hope for young widows to live a normal life?

Beyond the Tears recollects how these circumstances will transform your life, not only for young widows but also for everyone who braves into the shadows of grief and loss. This book will make you feel “in love” all over again, at the same time, break your heart to help you to open your deepest desires and inner realizations.

Beyond the Tears is about the struggles of a young widow and how grief allowed her to transform how she wants to experience the world. This book offers a simplified and personal approach in dealing with loss through meditation and accepting yourself completely. It recounts the importance of knowing your inner self to be able to connect to the person you needed to become. Lastly, it illustrates the liberating effect of choosing to live for the moment.


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