Behind Closed Doors | Cindy Wong | Mystery & Thriller


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Behind Closed Doors | Cindy Wong | Mystery & Thriller

While solving burglary and next-door murders, our detectives get themselves tangled with their old and new lovers. While some could be trusted allies, others could be spies… Welcome to Spring City, where glamour and crime combined never go out of style! A Coal Way to Die: Nick Rosales, a matinee idol, takes his own life, but his mother is calling out a foul play. His fans are crying out for justice! The End of a Good Game: Famous computer gamer Kero Lopez is found dead in his lair. Could a notorious kidnapper from Cebu, Van King, have something to do with it? And why does he keep on appearing in Detective Carrie Cheng’s way? St. John’s Crows: A giant crow takes a middle-aged man’s life every year. This year is no different as it pesters the affluent neighborhood of St. John once again. Will the killing stop this time around with the Meatball Club handling the case?


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