31 Sighs of January | Daniela Madeja


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drawing a deep breathe,
you let it all out.
a faint sound echoed in the caves of your ears,
turning itself into a ringing.

31 Sighs of January accounts a poetic introspection of what it’s like to be a flawed and complex human being. It dips into the stream of the author’s consciousness— but through a voice that addresses the reader. 

This poetry collection is a transcendent journey towards self–acceptance and forgiveness. Each poem has a touch of personal narrative, interweaving various themes of childhood longing, internal turmoil, and other raw emotions. It calls readers to be kinder to themselves by trusting their version of progress and embracing their own imperfections. But most importantly, it serves as a reminder that it’s okay to take a sigh before you breathe again.


Daniela F. Madeja, the name behind Danielle Strange, author of the debut novel You Found Me, is a 4th year student taking up Bachelor of Secondary Education, Major in English.  She’s also an avid reader, a movie-goer, a self-proclaimed singer-songwriter, an unapologetic introvert, and a passionate dreamer who keeps hiding behind metaphors.

Her flair for writing started at a young age. She used to copy stories from her tattered fairy tale books and proudly present it to her mother as if it’s her own (apparently, she still doesn’t know what plagiarism is back then). But she had always dreamt of publishing her own book ever since.

Other than writing, Daniela is also fond of disappearing every once in a while, staring into the abyss, and pondering her earthly existence.

She currently resides in Romblon with her family and their pet dog, Paddy. 31 Sighs of January is her first published zine poetry collection.

You can follow her wattpad account @DanielleStrange or visit her Facebook, Danielle Strange for more updates.

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