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“Sometimes I wonder: What if the Naturals were right all this time? Whatever pain we feel right now, no matter how deep it cuts, isn’t real. It’s programmed. We’re programmed.”

Neo Manila, 2087. Years have passed since the Synthetic Revolution, and the oldest second generation Synthetics are well into their twenties, having grown up as free individuals on paper. But not everything is well. Naturals still rule the country and the world. For many of them, Synthetics just aren’t human enough to live, to feel… and to create.

Meet five young 2nd Gen Synthetics who are determined to change all that – writer Nelson, pop superstar Chris, ballerina Madelyn, violinist Chloe, and artist Jonathan. Together, they resolve to overcome a beautiful world that built them to use them, and make beautiful, lasting things from their unheard pain.

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