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Renato Tranquilino’s Upcoming Book Signing—Planting the Flag of #PinoySciFi Up North

Pinoy science fiction gets ready for take-off in the North. Thanks to 8Letters Bookstore and Publishing, in partnership with Mt. Cloud Bookshop, accomplished Pinoy science fiction author, Renato Clarete Tranquilino, prepares himself to plant the flag of Filipino science fiction authors in Yangco Road, Baguio City. 

He will be holding a book signing for his most recent release, Fate of a Distant Future, on August 19, 2022 in Mt. Cloud Bookshop from 4:00 to 5:00 PM.

During the event, light snacks and coffee will be served while guests are enchanted by the plethora of Filipino-authored books that’ll surround them during their stay.

About the Book

Fate of a Distant Future is a thrilling anthology of four stories, all set in what Tranquilino envisions as the future of the Philippines. This exciting offering to the science fiction genre explores topics such as environmental dystopia, space piracy, and planet colonization.

The audiobook is available for access through this link, while paperback copies are available for purchase through 8Letters’ official website.


Troubles in a country’s economy can lead to desperate and catastrophic efforts for its recovery and revival. This is what pushes national leaders to “rent out” Luzon to the highest foreign country bidder. But, one senator took a stand against this plan. When he wakes up after a 10-year coma, he finds out that his vote was not honored, which would have invalidated the whole rental agreement. Now, he has to face the consequences of an action he did not approve of.  


Colonizing a distant planet takes a great deal of technology and fuel. You cannot come unprepared. However, Captain Louis Ferrera faces exactly that: his ship is being tampered with by leaders of their home planet, fuel is running out, and help is at least twenty light years away. What can he do to save this monumental mission?

Bait and Switch

The Philippines is one of the last countries to enter the planet colonizing game. To make up for its inferior position, the country engages in a risky project that breaks the agreed-upon rules from United Planetary alliance (the organization that replaced United Nations). Will they be safe from the backlash, or will their bold plan end up in flames?


Even after the passage of time, police are still marred with ineptitude. Vilma and her co-pilot would be dead if their SOS call was not heard by her best friend, a three-eyed humanoid Titan. After her recovery, Vilma takes matters into her own hands, hunting down the pirates who destroyed her ship and left her to die.

About the Author

The book is authored by Filipino-Australian IT professional, Renato Clarete Tranquilino, who expresses a fascination with sci-fi fantasy films and writing the same-genre stories. His expertise was also shared during 8Letters’ Literary Fest, where he successfully hosted a science fiction masterclass to hone the skills of other aspiring Filipino science fiction authors.

About the Bookstore

Mt. Cloud Bookshop is a cozy book store filled with titles from homegrown authors. You can order from them online or browse in-store. They also hold exclusive book events, like public storytelling, book launches, and book signings. Talk about a book lovers’ cloud nine!

About 8Letters

Founded in June 2016 by Cindy Wong, 8Letters is a publishing platform that aims to promote Filipino independent literary artists and their creations. They offer exclusive publishing packages, masterclasses, and other book-related services.

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