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  • Ripe for Love


    You can’t time love…

    Beth Cohen is hardly ready to face people, much less open her heart. Skittish from betrayal, she reluctantly rejoins society. Her broken heart may seem all patched up, but it still hasn’t been long enough. Romance remains out of the question.

    Gage Sullivan is soured by his cheating ex-fiancee. Escaping reminders of his dashed dreams, he moves to the other side of the world. His heart may be healing, but he still expects a hiatus from dating. Love is the last thing on his mind.

    However, love doesn’t wait for the right time. It happens when it’s meant to.

    La Isla de Santa Margarita is a tropical paradise a few hours north of Manila. It boasts powdery white sand beaches, romantic cliffs, virgin rainforests, and misty mountains. Long popular with the jet-set crowd, it remains a top travel destination known for its exclusive resorts and hopping nightlife. It has been the setting for many a holiday fling, but for those who stay, it?s where they find lasting love.