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  • Fate of a Distant Future | Renato Clarete Tranquilino


    An anthology of science fiction stories set in futuristic Philippines

    • Betrayal
    • Crankbait
    • Bait and Switch
    • Family

    Author: Renato Clemente Tranquilino
    Published by: 8Letters Bookstore and Publishing
    Available Formats: paperback

  • ASWANG, ATBP. | John Albert Silva | 31Letters


    ASWANG, ATBP. | John Albert Silva | 31Letters A collection of short stories, free verse poetry, and flash fiction about the lower creatures and superior beings of Filipino mythology. The ASWANG, atbp. was written to highlight the beauty of the cultural beliefs and traditions of different regions of the Philippines. The endless realms of this…

  • refuge 8letters anthologyrefuge 8letters anthology

    Refuge – An 8Letters Anthology


    In the months of a pandemic that drags us in sudden uncertainties, writing has become our greatest sanctuary; And if there is one thing we’ve proved, it’s how writing demented stories can save our sanity. Welcome to Refuge, a collection of Philippine literary works that will keep us afloat – in the meantime.

  • Boulevard of Broken Dreams | Paperback| Ron R. Lacson | 8Letters

    Boulevard of Broken Dreams | Paperback| Ron R. Lacson | 8Letters


    “Do you know why this Boulevard is called the Boulevard of Broken Dreams?”“Yes, I know. It’s because…,” Dorothy said as she touched her chest.“It’s because this is where many dreams were broken,” Mike said, interrupting Dorothy. His voice was calm but determined. “Where many dreams were lost, where many hearts were shattered, and where all…