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  • Silhouettes of Dead Stars Over the Cordillera Range | Ronald Sapirao Fernandez


    For those who are finding their ways out of the fog, carrying themselves like raindrops, praying for the summer nights to arrive. Everywhere we went, the raindrops followed us. Their insurmountable presence made us feel that we were something that needed to be washed off the face of the universe. We were the outcasts that…

  • The Last Moondancer | Luther John


    Forbidden to leave the mystical Island, Luna dreams of finding the Magical Pearl known as the tear from the Gods that could grant any wish that your heart desires. She was raised by mother Od and trained to become a Moondancer. She lived a sheltered life, Luna knew nothing about her parents or the outside…

  • Loving Mr. Unlikeable | Alyssa L. Caballero | Heat List


    Hailey Cruz had enough of her mundane, single life in the city and decided to do something about it. Armed with her dreams of becoming a renowned author and having a villa by the sea, she made her move to the sunny beaches of Siargao. One thing was missing: an attractive, angelic beau Then there’s…