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  • Quarantine Wisdom and Other Absurdities | Mitos Suson | Memoir


    Who would have thought, that the world would just shut down? Borders and restrictions were imposed. With people’s isolation, came uncertainty, depression, and heightened anxieties. When all the doors were closed, there was nowhere left to go but within. I decided to deal with the solitude by blogging. Quarantine Wisdom is a compilation of those…

  • Shards of Time | Mitos Suson | A Memoir


    Shards of Time | Mitos Suson | A Memoir Shards of Time¬†traces the steps of Mita Zara, a young girl whose father was captured and sent to prison during the Martial Law era in the Philippines. As Mita tries to glue the family together, she learns that life is uncertain and nothing will ever be…