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  • Angel

    Angel | Shirley Siaton | Romance


    He was her own twisted kind of guardian angel, a man she only ever saw and loved in the shadows… When Stella’s dream date suddenly turns into a nightmare, she runs into a mysterious young man who unwittingly rescues her from a destructive fate. Only known as Trey, he belonged in the deepest shadows and bloodiest…

  • Dance in the Dark front

    Dance in the Dark | Shirley Siaton | Poetry


    The dust, too, shall tire and fall And I will find the light Streaming—first in puddles, then in waves— into my path. Alone once more, I face The beginning. Alone once more, I know There really is no end. DANCE IN THE DARK Poetry in the dead of night Author Shirley Siaton invites the reader…

  • Black Cat Poetry

    Black Cat | Poetry | Shirley Siaton


    A compilation of free verses written over the years in various stages of a young woman’s life, ‘Black Cat’ is a journey of self-discovery, awareness and growth. Each poem is a story culled from an existence well savored, much like a cat’s fabled nine lives. There are tales of lust, loss, melancholy, decay and awakening….

  • Dear Beloved front

    Dear Beloved | Memoirs of the Heart | Shirley Siaton


    For what you have given, since the beginning, is without measure and could never be matched in this life or the next. I love you, now and forever and after. DEAR BELOVED Memoirs of the Heart An unforgettable collection of free verse poetry, ‘Dear Beloved’ delves into various aspects, phases and stages of love. Through…