Powerhouse Women Pen Poems on Love, Hope, and Faith

Over the decades, women have proven that they also hold their rightful place in literature, whether they are writing feminist pieces, romance, or inspirational poetry. This Women’s Month, 8letters Bookstore & Publishing proudly presents six women writers whose poems inspire us to love, hope, and have faith.

Refreshed from Brooks Along the Way by Ann Carmel Flores

Flores’ poetry collection is a testament to her faith in how God has been her rock and strength. A compilation of English and Filipino prose and poetry, the book is as refreshing as water from a brook, perfect for anyone who finds themselves in a spiritual desert.

Life with the Sunflowers by Nell Talavera

Another debut collection, Talavera’s “Life with the Sunflowers,” offers a positive take on one’s emotional journey towards finding one’s worth and purpose. Many of her poems speak of self-confidence and authenticity, and the book is a wonderful addition to a bookworm’s library of inspirational books.

The Heart Breaks by Tey Lacap

Readers who are currently reeling from a heartache may find a soul sister in Tey Lacap, whose poems lend wisdom on love—or lack thereof. Regardless of their length, each poem packs a punch and gives just the right amount of “discomfort” and ache that is both humbling and relatable.

Memento: Fragments of the Past by Rosanna Daep

What is love without the complexities of life? Daep explores longing, heartache, and the One that Got Away in her book, “Memento: Fragments of the Past.” Described in a review as “exquisite” and “gut-wrenching”, these poems will definitely leave readers wanting for more.

Musings of a Lovestruck Fool by Pat Yusingco

Fans of Sapphic poetry rejoice in the release of Pat Yusingco’s “Musing of a Lovestruck Fool”, for the entire collection never misses to make hearts flutter. Yusingco’s rich imagery and deft use of language make this book a real gold mine.

Labindalawang Akda ng Utak Kong Gala by Rhois Lacson

Meanwhile, Lacson’s English-Filipino volume proves that poetry does not have to be too serious in scope and tone. Her poem “Kape” is a personal favorite, which also shows that authors can have fun with words.

Women’s Month ends on the 31st, but these powerhouse women will keep championing poetry and their purpose with their undeniable talent and passion for literature.

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