The poet of melancholy

The Poet of Melancholy writes all sorts of weird written literary art amalgam that mostly includes poems, proses, short stories, flash fictions, and even parables, songs, science theories, literary research, philosophical thoughts, and weird point of view/perspectives on life. He also does paintings, and even 3d poems (poems created
from tangible materials, most of the time fused with different art forms such as paintings, glassworks etc.).
The Poet of Melancholy’s genre is mostly anything under the dark
romanticism spectrum, psychological horror, thriller, sometimes
romance, drama, and sometimes even comedy (somewhere between
these genres).The Poet of Melancholy studied Language and Literature at the University of the Philippines Baguio and has various works related to
scriptwriting, with his most prominent but short stint career as a Writer
in a famous Comedy TV Show under GMA Entertainment TV.