Tey Lacap

Hey dear, reader! My name is Tey Lacap, a ’93 baby, but who’s counting? Born and raised in the heart of Pampanga, I’m proud to be a Psychology Graduate from the University of the Assumption. By day, I navigate the global corporate landscape as the head of an HR Recruitment Team at a Professional Services Accounting Firm in the Philippines. 

I’m a not-so-new author in my own world, but this is the first time I’ll be sharing with the “real world” the torment of my soul in “The Heart-Breaks”—where each verse is a reflection of the whispers of pain, echoes of silent cries, and the beauty of heartaches. Now, let’s talk about my not-so-secret passion. I think I’ve always been an old soul, a fan of art in all its forms — be it dancing, singing, writing, drawing, playing the guitar, or composing songs. I always have a pen in one hand, and my heart? Well, it’s constantly tuned to the rhythm of words. And guess what? I’m beyond thrilled to spill the beans about my first-ever poetry collection—“The Heart-Breaks.”