Shierney Ann P. Reterta

SHIERNEY ANN P. RETERTA (a.k.a Shiani-chii) is a simple, sweet-tooth and certified “otaku” lady residing somewhere in the historical land of Cavite. She is a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education in English from a reputable state university and is currently working as a school teacher. She began to write diaries and poems at the age of eight, and that was the time when she fell in love with writing. Through writing, it triggered her dream of becoming a writer. Until she reached high school, she became a contributor for their school publication. Up until now, she continued her dream and passion for writing. She liked reading romance-comedy, and fantasy stories. Since writing and reading had a special place in her heart, she had written her own novels, such as “Unlucky Suzie” and “Lunaire Academy”. She wanted to explore writing in any kind of genre through her own writing style. Japanese anime, drama and music were Shierney’s happy pill and inspiration when writing. But, sometimes, procrastination was her hobby too. She was also a fan of Nana Mizuki, Yukie Nakama, Jun Matsumoto, Ikuta Toma, Takumi Kitamura, Haruma Miura and other well-known Japanese actresses and actors, as well as Korean stars Park Seo Joon, Jang Dong Yoon, and Kim Taehyung of BTS. She had a profound love for music, as she also plays the piano and guitar. Moreover, she believed that nothing is impossible if you have faith and trust in our Almighty God.

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