Pangga is an award-winning artist, an Ilongga born and raised in Baguio City, whose work has been recognized both locally and internationally. At 15, Pangga represented not only her hometown, but the entire Cordillera region and starred in GMA’s reality TV show Coca-Cola Ride To Fame Yes To Your Dreams: Search for the Next Total Performer. She received the PGMA Award for Culture and Arts in 2008. Her poetry The Grief of 2020 shortlisted for the Jury Prize for Literature at the University of the Philippines-Baguio. Through her performance and writings, Pangga believes in being vocal about social and political issues. In 2018, Pangga founded the non-profit volunteer organization and platform Go Ahead: I’m With YOUth that began from a simple birthday fundraiser to help and advocate for children and young artists access to education and support mental health needs. She is Pansexual, neuro divergent, a social activist, academic, and feminist. She is currently a grad student studying Language and Literature at the University of the Philippines. Pangga writes a monthly newsletter called The Way
We Are at You can find her lounging with her dogs bingeing seasons of Drag Race.
Instagram & Facebook: @pxngga