J.K. Samson

“His Majesty Reigns. Long Live The Emperor!”

J. K. Samson spends his time on many hobbies, including writing, reading, and gaming. He enjoys playing tabletop games, drinking coffee, travelling here and there, and watching Animated TV Shows when he is not busy. He has published poems since he was in College in their campus journal, and three of which are “An Advice From Him Who Was Once Dead” (filipinoliterature.blogspot.com), “Twilight Falls and Nighttime Crawls” (hronlineph.com), and “The Pawns” (philippinesgraphic.com.ph).  Currently, he teaches English in High School in the morning and studies Law in the evenings.  He aspires that his poems and stories move people to action, to love, and to ignite their passions.

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