How May I Help You Today? And Other Stories | Honesto C. Avellanosa III | Fiction | Short Stories

Honesto C. Avellanosa III lives in Davao City. His friends call him Nonoy. He is currently a content creator on his YouTube channels Cebu and Davao Journey and Cebu-Davao Adventures. Before engaging in video creation: editing, cinematography, and script writing, he had landed different jobs in the Internet Marketing industry, particularly content writing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Google AdWords campaign/Facebook campaigns. He also had call center experience in a few companies in Cebu when he was relocated in 2007. Before his career as Internet marketer, he had been a voracious reader and researcher, which made him write essays, short stories, articles, screenplays, on a regular basis. The reason for his engagement in Literature was due to, apart from his love for the written word, the financial struggle of his family in early 2000s. He made it as a shield against an integrating force of poverty. He also had been a musician before his family members began to hear the clickety-clack of his typewriter in his bedroom. He had written several songs for his rock band “The Happiest” from 1994 to 2004, which can be heard on Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Apple music, and among others. His short stories titled “Faith” and “The Barfly” were published this year in a local daily newspaper Sun Star, through Davao Writers Guild online publication Dagmay.

He didn’t finish college.