Himawari Mackenzie

Himawari Mackenzie is the youngest of three children and currently lives in a coastal town in Pangasinan, Philippines with her husband and their two adorable dogs. She has been dabbling with literature since she was 5 years old and was inspired to pursue this passion by her eldest sister. She is an avid fan of works by Christina Georgina Rossetti, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Haruki Murakami, Jessie Burton, Maya Angelou, Pablo Neruda, Toshizaku Kawaguchi, Vladimir Nabokov, and many other authors known for magical realism, metafiction, surrealism, and unreliable narration. Having graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies Major in International Politics and Minor in Peace Studies, some of her works touch on the complexities and nuances of foreign cultures and highlight the intimately enigmatic “humanness” of the psyche.