Fray Narte

Fria “Fray” Narte is a creative writer and a registered psychometrician from Iloilo. She double majored in Psychology and Literature at UP Visayas and is currently pursuing her graduate degree. Fray is known mostly for her funky-colored hair and her confessional poetry published on her Facebook page, Flowers on your Grave. Her first book, This Way to the Black Holes, is under Thistledown Library. Some of her independent works were also published under Aster Lit, Alpas Journal, and Kasingkasing Press. As a water sign, Fray often finds herself in constant transition and turbulence. She is learning to slow down and be comfortable in her own skin. Currently on a break from publicizing her poetry, Fray has started exploring spirituality and occult knowledge. When she’s not being a weird INFP 4w3, she plays with her cats, reads Black literature, and watches sapphic films with Chao.