Ashlee Nicole Pacifico

Ashlee Nicole Pacifico, or as called Ash by her friends, classmates, and colleagues, and Nicole by her family is a 19-year-old college student taking up her third year in Bachelor of Science in Biology, Major in Medical Biology at Emilio Aguinaldo College – Cavite.

Throughout her academic career, she has consistently excelled in the classroom and is valued and appreciated as a student-leader, performer, dean’s lister, and merit scholar. In March 2021, Ash started a blog entitled “The Pulchritude Abode”, a free WordPress blog page that she maintains in addition to writing poetry. While recently this year, she also started an Instagram and Facebook writing account called, “The Prose Collective” where she shares her poetry and photographs.

The pieces of art she creates are born from the simple phrases and sentiments she has woven into her subconscious. It is no secret to the people around her that being able to publish a book of her own creation was her long-held ambition. Despite the odds, she is an attestation that your dreams can perhaps come true to reality if you have the desire to believe in them enough and pursue them with passion and devotion.