Alma Anonas-Carpio

Alma Anonas-Carpio is a journalist—and has been one for more than two decades—who pens poetry and fanciful fic-tion between deadlines. She is also the literary editor of the last newsweekly magazine standing in the Philippines.

Her feet got set on the writer’s path by her mother, who told her that if she didn’t like the real world, she could create a world she likes better in her head. When those worlds got too big to stay in her head, she began putting them down on paper, complete with population, personalities, vital statistics and back-stories.

Alma’s foray into writing erotica was spurred by a need to write something that was as different from news reportage and analysis and poetry as it is possible to get. Challenges, af-ter all, are a very good thing—when they don’t kill you, that is.

Oh, and her first book was a cookbook. Because, food. You may drop Alma a line at [email protected], or read her work online at Look for SkinandSin.

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