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  • Visual Cortex | R.C. Pascua


    We can see things and visualize images through our eyes and our own visual system. Everything we see and are familiar with, the brain interprets as our own reality. But how do we navigate through our lives when we are going through unfamiliar territory and experiences? What happens when we lose our sense of sight,…

  • Gita Filipina: Pagsasalin ng Bhagavad Gita | Marco Escareal, M.D. | Non-Fiction


    Damhin ang mga pangunahing pagtuturo tungkol sa yoga sa pamamagitan ng “Gita Filipina: Pagsasalin ng Bhagavad Gita.” Ibabad ang iyong sarili sa masidhing karunungan ng sinaunang kasulatang ito, na mababasa na ngayon sa unang salin nito sa Filipino. Mula sa mga talatang marangal hanggang sa walang hanggang mga aralin nito, ang matulaing limbag na ito…

  • Beyond the Tears | Queenie Andersen | Non-fiction


    Beyond the Tears | Queenie Andersen | Non-fiction How do you get on with life after the death of your husband? Is there really hope for young widows to live a normal life? Beyond the Tears recollects how these circumstances will transform your life, not only for young widows but also for everyone who braves into…

  • Unleash The Healer In Me | Maricar M. Dela Peña | Non-fiction


    Unleash the Healer in Me offers a comprehensive guide to exploring one’s inner healer and embracing a life of vitality. Maricar’s blend of personal stories, recipes, and practical exercises provides a transformative journey towards unlocking one’s healing potential and achieving holistic well-being.

  • Locked Down with God | Dan Namanya


    Locked Down With God is a deep personal reflection on navigating faith and life in the face of adversity. This book takes readers on a journey through moments of confinement, revealing deeper connections with faith and self. It unveils the resilience of the human spirit and the profound impact of trust in a higher purpose….

  • How To Become A Rich Filipino by Ralph Joshua Javier


    How To Become a Rich Filipino by Ralph Joshua Javier is a step-by-step guide towards the path of success especially made for Filipinos. We will talk about the following and more: – How to start becoming a Rich Filipino – How to overcome the Fear of Failure – The Mindset of the Rich Filipino –…