8Letters Literary Festival

You’re Invited: 8Letters Literary Festival (9 – 17 Apr 2022)

The 8Letters Literary Festival, held annually, aims to celebrate the Filipino creative literary minds. The event will feature spoken poetry, romance and fantasy reading, mystery and science fiction masterclasses, and many more. The LitFest will also hold the first readers choice award featuring indie authors and their books for the first time.

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8Letters Literary Festival

*All events are free to attend, except the Science Fiction Masterclass which requires registration here: https://forms.gle/7Z8RENt5hTGK7qAD7.

Program Details:

9 April (SAT)

  • Science Fiction Masterclass 4 PM – led by Cris Santos and Renato Tranquilino, the pair will discuss the evolution of Pinoy SciFi, featuring the collection of stories from the book entitled Fate of a Distant Future. 

10 April (SUN)

  • How to Write the Perfect Murder (4 PM) is a 30-minute presentation that features the elements of writing a crime story. 

14 April (THU)

  • Indie Publishing in a nutshell (3 PM) is an hour lecture of what it takes to be an indie writer in today’s age. 
  • Book Launch: 31Letters is a collection of writings by 20 writers, a product of the January Challenge hosted by 8Letters. The challenge entails that a writer needs to write an entry a day. 

15 April (FRI)

  • Caught in a Bad Romance (4 PM): 4 romance writers will talk about the different ingredients on how to write the perfect romance story and how to make it big internationally. 

16 April (SAT)

  • Mitolohiya Book Launch Liwanag at Kadiliman (10 AM – 4 PM): Mga Bagong Alamat is a collection of short stories featuring 20 writers and fantasy stories using mythological creatures.

17 April (SUN)

  • Spoken Word Poetry Day is a day filled with poets and books. We’ll start at 3 PM with the launch of Horizons Creed, a Filipino community of poets based in Hong Kong, followed by readings from R.C. Perez, Maria Solei, and Claire Paladin.

About 8Letters

The 8Letters Literary Festival is organized by 8Letters Bookstore and Publishing, an annual gathering to celebrate the Filipino writing talent.

8Letters is the home of Filipino indie books. Established in June 2016, it aims to provide a self-publishing platform to help writers in their journey to success. In 2021, the 8Letters Publishing university was established and has provided writing masterclasses.

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